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Big Data Supply, Inc. offers the largest selection of data storage products, at the best prices. Our online selection features an unconditional 90 day guarantee, a lifetime warranty, and ships free to most locations.

Furthermore, we pay cash for your used IT equipment, and provide certificates of data destruction for your security needs.

With over twenty years experience, we work in partnership with our customers, vendors and even competitors to provide trusted and guaranteed IT products and asset recovery. Our team sets the ewaste recycling standard within the IT industry by recycling 99.9% of materials.

We buy and supply new & used data tape media cartridges, tape drives, tape libraries, servers, switches, disk array, telecom products and more. Read our vision, mission and purpose.

Best Deals On Data Storage Products

The entertainment industry, hospitals, financial institutions, fortune 1000, government agencies, off-shore seismic data recording companies, etc. are relying on data tape media for long term archiving to manage and store their big data. Big Data Supply, Inc. offers competitive pricing on all data tape media. Shop below.

Data Storage Products Buyback Program

Our data storage buyback program offers the highest dollar amount in the world for your old IT assets.

As a full-service data tape media recycling and data tape media destruction firm, we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated data security needs. We are looking to purchase excess new and used data tape media, 100% compliant with all laws and acts pertaining to data destruction.

Buying most formats and all brands; LTO, 3592, SLR, MLR, AIT, AME, ETC.

  • 100% Pin-to-Hub Erasure not Overwrite (see erasure video)
  • Certificate of Data Destruction
  • VolSer and Serial number reporting
  • On-site or Off-site data erasure
  • Complete chain-of-custody
  • Quick and High Dollar Offers
  • We meet/beat offers
  • Quick Negotiated Payment Terms
  • We pay and arrange all freight – Any location in the World!

Sell us your LTO Ultrium tape media or buy new and used LTO data tapes. We sell and purchase LTO-1 through LTO-6 data tapes, 3592 data tapes and SLR data tapes for Sony, IBM, HP, Dell, Fuji and more. Give a quick call to our customer service center for a quote or fill in the contact form on our website.

IT Asset Disposition

As IT assets throughout your organization become obsolete and reach their end-of-life, consider us as a partner in meeting industry compliance obligations to protect the data residing on your decommissioned backup tapes, servers and other media. Our processes certify that your data has been completely erased and is non recoverable. You’ll receive competitive payment for that used IT equipment. When your used data storage is recycled properly, you avoid risking data breaches, regulatory penalties and potential damage to your organization’s brand.

Call Big Data Supply, Inc. today for a free equipment evaluation at 800-905-7329.

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