SoCal Dentist Has Patient Data Stolen from Car Image

It can happen to anyone, right? Imagine going to the dentist for a sensitive tooth and giving sensitive protected health information (PHI) to the staff thus, in effect, handing over an implied trust that your data will be protected. You leave the office feeling better but then you get a letter from the dentist. As reported, the dentist apparently had a little bit of decay in his data protection plan: “On the late afternoon of Monday July 25, 2016, my Read More

Turning IT Assets into IBM Cloud Hosting Credits with BDS Image

With the rapid rate of change in the IT space there can be many unforeseen trouble spots but there are also opportunities. The push to the cloud continues to gain momentum and that trend is not likely to end any time soon. In fact, it is most likely that some version of the cloud will be part of most IT infrastructures for a long time to come. We recognize this and help our customers take full advantage of these opportunities. Read More

Repurposing IT Assets in a Cloud Economy Image

The cloud economy is real. As AWS created the public cloud industry for the masses, the adoption rate of cloud offerings for everything, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) has skyrocketed. As with most good things that are marketed to death and promoted as IT’s version of the second coming there are unintended consequences of shifting cloudward. Not the least of these is the dilemma of what happens Read More

Data Tape Media Will Always Have a Place in IT Strategies Image

Remember when the pundits predicted that we would ultimately be a paperless society? Futurists now envision a world where cars drive everyone from point to point rather than people driving the cars themselves. These are just two examples of the use of embellishment or hyperbole to make a point, although the reality often falls far short of the fantasy. We are seeing the same thing happen in the world of data tape storage. Storage providers and disc manufacturers have been Read More

Amazon’s Cloud Dominance Will Change How IT Functions Image

It’s hard to imagine, but Amazon Web Services (AWS) turned 10 years old this year. In that relatively short period of time Amazon has essentially created the public cloud industry and opened the door for innovation in the IT space that has changed how IT functions. Before the public cloud became a product (versus the many individual, privately owned installations that had existed since the beginning of computing) companies followed a somewhat inefficient way of managing IT infrastructure. In short, Read More