According the 2012 Compliance, Governance, and Oversight counsel Summit analysis, a whopping 69 percent of a company’s data has no immediate value. This means that the majority of organizations are spending massive amounts of money to make sure that unneeded data is available 24 x 7 via disk. IT professionals around the world, and the organizational leaders they consult, are often overwhelmed by the idea of making major changes — such as the adoption of both disk and tape. There Read More | Toll Free 800-905-7329 | Local 714-647-9000

There has been quite a bit of misinformation out there surrounding LTO technology, mainly by proponents of digital-only data storage fans. However, the truth is that organizations seeking to secure massive amounts of data should deeply consider the use of tape. According to Mark Peters, an industry analyst with the Enterprise Storage Groups, “Despite the constant flow of ‘tape is dead’ jibes and assertions from non-tape vendors, the technology has refused to die.” This is why… 1. Tape Is Cost Read More

The secret is out – LTO backup tape has made a humungous comeback, as one of the most reliable means of data storage for companies of all shapes and sizes. Big data (the phrased used to describe when artificial intelligence is amassed in huge blogs within databases) is a huge deal in today’s world. It consists of never-ending Internet histories, social conversations, pictures, videos, and the list goes on. The growing debate is exactly how the rapidly accumulating masses of Read More

This is a question asked by many data center professionals,  in our experience we often get the response that they would rather pay to shred the tapes rather than recycle. This makes total sense until you realize that recycling data tape with a reputable “tape” recycling company is actually a much more detailed and traceable process. With VolSer and serial number recording and complete chain of custody you have more documentation of each tape than any other method of disposing. Read More