No Better Time Than Now for LTO-6 Data Tape Media Image

While the pundits and prognosticators of the IT industry, and in particular the data storage sector, want to proclaim the death of tape for backups and archiving, the technology continues to roll on as if it can’t hear a single word. With unstructured data becoming more and more ‘normal’, tape for backup and archiving is one of the best ways to protect these large file formats. Tape, however, is not just for this kind of storage. In fact, traditional uses Read More

Big Data Supply and Southern California: Perfect Together Image

Today’s technology driven world allows for the ability for all of us to potentially do business with anyone, anywhere and at virtually any time. The speed of change in the technology itself can often be a difficult reality for businesses as the pressure to be using the ‘latest and greatest’ grows more intense. Here at Big Data Supply, Inc. we work with companies in over 60 countries to help them take strategic advantage of this change through a careful evaluation Read More

The Changing Face of the Data Center Image

Just a few short years ago, the data center was the dominant feature of any IT infrastructure. While data centers may still be important to many IT operations, their role continues to change. With the rapid proliferation of cloud services from the Big Four (Amazon, Microsoft Cloud / Azure, Google, and IBM), the data center is now less about lots of bare metal and more about strategic assets that are not ready for the cloud or have specific compliance needs Read More

Call the Job Line and Follow instructions:  949-484-5209 (Call Only, Thank you)   -Are you someone who: -Is alert to your environment -Can meet/exceed goals -Is able to make decisions and take action -Is a team player and can work alone as well -Has excellent decision making and problem solving skills   If so, call the job line, leave your contact information and answer the following question: Tell me about a time when you were able to motivate yourself to produce Read More

Being Frugal by Selling Old IT Assets Image

We recently saw the following headline from an article in the LA Times: “As venture capital dries up, tech start-ups discover frugality” It isn’t often that you see the words frugality and start-ups together in the same article let alone the same sentence! Why is this frugality the latest craze? “Tech start-up Appthority’s office has plush conference rooms, soundproof phone booths, an enormous kitchen and a view of San Francisco Bay. It has ping-pong and foosball tables, beer on tap Read More