Why Google’s Commitment to the Cloud Impacts Your Business Image

It feels like Google impacts everything that we do these days. When you stop to think about it, the truth of that statement can be a bit unnerving. Your business, regardless of your industry for the most part, is impacted by Google, and most businesses have incorporated paid search and SEO into their marketing mix as a requirement for success. But what about the impact on the IT infrastructure of your business? Sure, Google Drive currently creates and stores files, Read More

The Big Data Guide to Big Data Storage Products Image

What are big data storage products? Big data storage products are high speed, high capacity storage solutions that are server and driver based, rather than based in the cloud. This offers several advantages over storing all your big data online. Besides better service speeds and more flexibility, big data storage products allow you access without an internet connection. Your Guidebook to Big Data Storage Products LTO Tape The LTO Ultrium  is “open” format, It works especially well when high capacity and high transfer rates Read More

Should I Buy LTO-5 or Buy LTO-6? Image

        LTO Ultrium 5 vs LTO Ultrium 6 When deciding whether to buy LTO-5 or buy LTO-6, it’s best to do a side-by-side comparison of the two. Both are fantastic products, but the requirements of your project will help determine which is best for your business. And while it would be great to have an unlimited IT budget for the latest LTO-7, not everyone does. Don’t worry. The older generations are still competitive, and can really help if Read More

6 Ways IBM Cloud Computing Services Can Improve Your Business Image

The Future of Cloud Computing Services On the topic of cloud computing services, Forbes has stated that  “By 2020, 62% of organizations in a recent survey say they will be running 100% of their information technology in the cloud. But younger startup companies are already close to that point.” This is a large portion of online business and it makes you question why so many people are utilizing the cloud for their important information. IBM has always been a trusted name where Read More

Ultrium LTO Tape Storage vs IBM Cloud Hosting: A Benefits Comparison Image

Ultrium LTO Tape Storage or IBM Cloud Hosting? As a business owner, you will want to maximize your productivity by choosing only the best storage options. Ultrium LTO tape storage and IBM cloud hosting are the two most popular storage tops of the modern day. Before you choose one or the other, you will want to review your company budget, your customer base, and your web hosting plan. Then you will want to give fair consideration to all aspects of Read More