Sort & Settle Process ~ 10 Steps

Often times our customers have excess data center equipment and don’t have the time or resources to inventory all the products and would rather just have someone pick up the items and recover some of the value on their assets. We have a service specifically design for these occasions and we call it a “sort and settle”.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify product types, brands and quantity visually, taking a photo that represents what will be sent helps best
  2. Identify there are products that we can purchase
  3. If possible we will make an estimated purchase offer based on what has been identified and get approval
  4. Estimate weight and dimensions; either UPS labels or the product and we will send a freight truck
  5. Schedule pickup if truck, send UPS labels or provide UPS account number if they have a regular pick up
  6. Upon arrival products will be stored in our secure facility under 24 hour surveillance. All deliveries are processed in order of arrival
  7. All products will be sorted by type, brand, style and condition
  8. All products are erased and tested
  9. Results of what has been received is added to inventory and the original purchase order is revised in detail based on what was received and dollar value is placed on each item
  10. Certificate of Data Destruction and Payment via Cash or Credit is provided upon completion.

There are numerous reasons as to why selling your excess new and used IT assets is the right thing to do, including:

  • You can collect some quick cash.
  • It’s the environmentally conscious thing to do.
  • It’s quick and easy.
  • You’ll comply with industry regulations for data destruction.

For more information on selling your new and used products, contact our buyback team.

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