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LTO Ultrium 1 Tape

Remember when the pundits predicted that we would ultimately be a paperless society? Futurists now envision a world where cars drive everyone from point to point rather than people driving the cars themselves. These are just two examples of the use of embellishment or hyperbole to make a point, although the reality often falls far short of the fantasy. We are seeing the same thing happen in the world of data tape storage. Storage providers and disc manufacturers have been Read More

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Looking to dispose, recycle, buy or sell excess new or used 3592 JB data tape media? Ever ask yourself what is the best way to recycle 3592 data tape media? Big Data Supply, Inc. (that’s us) pays the highest dollar possible for new and used tape. Please contact us right away if you have IBM part number for 3592JB tape media is 23R9830, we are paying more now than ever! Our streamlined buyback program assures each and every one of Read More

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We were excited to learn of a new development within the LTO Program Technology Provider Companies — which is made up of HP, IBM, and Quantum. They have just announced that the LTO tape roadmap has been extended through the 10th generation. This means that the current generation 6 is just the beginning of amazing tape developments. The LTO consortium has set the new generation guidelines at 62.5 TB for LTO-9 and 120 TB for LTO-10. According to Joel Tax Read More

We are often asked the question, “What is LTO Ultrium tape?” This doesn’t surprise us, as there are many organizations that are just opening their eyes to alternatives to disk-only data storage infrastructures. LTO stand for Linear Tape-Open, or an open-format tape storage technology that was dreamt up and developed by IBM, HP, and Seagate (after a couple mergers Seagate is now Quantum.) Basically, the term “open-format” means that users are able to use a handful of storage media products Read More

One of the best things organizational leaders can do in today’s world is make a commitment to reducing their organization’s carbon footprint. Unfortunately, the planet is being covered with landfills that are full of toxic waste in the form of computers, cell phones, printers, tape cartridges, and more, and the majority of companies worldwide aren’t doing much about it. Nothing good can come from the toxins that are releases into the soil and air as result of the toxins released Read More

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IBM has officially announced it’s proprietary General Parallel File System (GPFS) will soon easily write files to tape on cartridges through an enterprise edition of LTFS. It will be referred to as “Big Blue’s Linear Tape File System.” As we’ve shared numerous times, LTFS allows for files to be stored in a defined location within a tape. This allows for data to be placed in folders and retrieved with ease. LTFS is currently available on LTO-5, LTO-6, and TS1140 tape. Read More

Qualstar, a manufacturer of data storage solutions, has released its latest line of LTO tape libraries. This comes at a time in which organizations are increasingly turning to LTO technologies for longterm storage and regular backups. The new Qualstar library is the Q24, which offers a smaller operator console and screen than the company’s previous versions. It also offers a Web-based remote library manager that allows for admins to configure, monitor, and upgrade any library over an intranet or the Read More

According to a recent report by, energy consumption within a data center is becoming a prime concern. The reason for the concern surrounds rising energy costs, coupled with the massive amounts of data that are produced on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Additionally, years ago data center energy usage were usually lumped into general operations costs. This was until “greening your business” became a popular trend and the austerity movement became common. Organizations made every effort to track Read More

In today’s world, it is becoming more and more common for organizations to overlap disk and tape usage for their data storage structure. There are a number of reasons for this including efficiency, cost effectiveness, reliability, and more. As you build out your data infrastructure over time, you will increasingly find that how you archive your data matters much more than what you archive or why your are archiving. The truth of the matter is that when you decide to Read More