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Ultrium LTO Tape Storage at an Extreme Value
Ultrium LTO tape storage is the industry standard in high-speed, reliable, and secure data storage solutions. Best of all, Ultrium LTO Tape is highly cost effective. In its 6th generation, the LTO Ultrium format (LTO6) allows for data transfer up to 400MB per second, with disk capacity of up to 6.25 terrabytes (TB).
One Data Tape Format Many Solutions
LTO (Linear Tape-Open) is an open, collaborative, format, with new features and greater performance continually introduced by industry competitors, such as IBM, HP, Dell, Fuji, and Imation.  Based on proven data storage technology, LTO Ultrium is powerful yet simple.

LTO tapes have a broad range of applications:

Secondary Data System
Back-Up Assurance
Long Term Archive
Off-Line Storage
Rapid Transfer of Large Volume Data

Big Data Supply & Ultrium LTO Tape Storage
Big Data Supply offers you a wide range of LTO6 tape, LTO5 tape, LTO4 tape, LTO3 tape, LTO2 tape, and LTO1 tape to help meet all your specifications. Our selection of New, Open Box, and Certified Refurbished LTO tape offers you some of the lowest prices available today in LTO tapes. Don’t wait until its too late. Secure your company’s multi-purpose Ultrium LTO tape storage solution today.

Best LTO Media Drives

Big Supply Data offers best tape media drives in California in the most reasonable prices. With more than hundreds and thousands of tape media drives from leading brands, we are the most reliable buyer and seller of best LTO media drives. In recent times, Ultrium media drives have gained immense popularity among businesses to data storage and loss prevention. This popular tape technology more offers versatility, performance, and reliability than other options available on the market.

Refurbished Tape Drives

Big Data Supply Inc. also specializes in selling refurbished tape drives to its clients in California. Whether you are looking for a VXA Cleaning Tape, Ultrium media cartridges California, or LTOP tapes California, we have got you covered. Many people are not convinced when the term ‘refurbished’ is associated with anything. However, when you choose Big Data Supply, we guarantee that these refurbished tape drives will be in 100% working condition whatsoever. Our experts conduct stringent testing for performance and quality before buying and selling any LTO tape drive. Our first priority is data security and we go above and beyond to make sure that there is no data loss or security breach with our refurbished tape drives. You can find all the best media tapes from leading brands at Big Data Supply.

Best LTO Media Drives California

We are a certified and licensed vendor committed to providing the best storage options – such as HP LTO-4 Ultrium Cartridges. All the option that we offer to you perform optimally and has sufficient storage capacity to suffice your needs. The best Ultrium media drives come with both internal and external configurations allowing businesses to archive as well as backup on a single station.

DLT Media Drive California

Big Data Supply also offers DLT Media Drive to businesses. This media drive option is known as one of the most successful technology platforms with higher scalability and backward compatibility. Rest assured, the most crucial data of your business will be protected – and you can count on us with the products we offer.

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