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Fuji LTO-2 (200/400) GB Data Tapes 26220001

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The Fuji LTO-2 is a reliable, high-capacity data storage cartridge with 200MB of native capacity and 400MB of compressed capacity. The second generation of the Linear Open (LTO), the LTO2 offers transfer speeds of 40MB/second native and 80MB/second compressed, which makes backup times efficient and for retrieval of important data manageable.

The LTO2 Fuji is developed utilizing its proprietary ATOMM™ technology. This assures that all LTO2 tape cartridges are durable, reliable, and efficient as organizations work to store their valuable data. The Fuji LTO-2 is also made to last for 30 years and more when Fuji data storage tapes are stored in a stable environment. Fuji LTO tape cartridges offer the perfect storage solution for organizations that must comply with strict data storage requirements set forth by leading regulatory bodies such as the SEC and HIPAA. The LTO2 by Fuji is a cost-effective and efficient solution! | Toll Free 800-905-7329 | Local 714-647-9000

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