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Fuji LTO Ultrium 3 Data Cartridge (400/800) GB 26230010-T

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The Fuji LTO-3 is an extremely reliable, high-capacity storage device that can be depended on for 30 plus years in most stable storage environments. Featuring a native capacity of 400GB and 800GB compressed capacity, the LTO-3 Fuji is perfect for storage of large volumes of data on a regular basis. Additionally, its native transfer speed of 80MB/second and 160MB/second compressed transfer speed offers quick data archival and information retrieval.
The LTO3 by Fujifilm is made possible by its proprietary ATOMM™ Technology, which assures the efficient storage of data and an ultra-long archival life. Also, the Fuji LTO Ultrium 3 includes LTO-CM (Cartridge Memory), which makes information retrieval even faster and makes it possible to access information on tape history and identified errors. As the third generation of Fuji LTO cartridges, its LTO-3’s have increased to 704 data tracks. The Fuji LTO3 is only compatible with LTO-3 tape drives and autoloaders.

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LTO Ultrium 3 Data Cartridge
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