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HP SDLT2, 300/600GB # Q2020A Data Tape Q2020A-C

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Product HP SDLT2, 300/600GB # Q2020A Data Tape

HP SDLT 2, (Super DLT II) 300/600GB # Q2020A


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HP SDLT2, (Super DLT II) 300/600GB # Q2020A

Looking for a reliable and efficient data security medium to meet your unique data storage needs? The HP SDLT2 300/600 GB tape cartridge is without a doubt a solid investment for organizations of all sizes. Featuring 300 GB native capacity and 600 GB compressed capacity, data backups and data recall is made exceptionally easy.

All SDLT tape formats have undergone rigorous testing and can last for 30 years and more, thus you can be certain with the HP SLDII that you are gaining a solid product that will secure your data. The HP SDLT2 is ideal for regular data backups and is compatible with DLT tape drives. Numerous organizations depend on HP tape cartridges to meet industry regulations where stable data storage environments are a requirement. HP technologies guarantee your success for years to come! | Toll Free 800-905-7329 | Local 714-647-9000

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