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Proper Data Destruction

With digital technology on the rise, data is quickly becoming the central core of an enterprise’s value. Data is what guides companies to make consumer focused decisions in order to improve products and services in a competitive market. Data destruction is not usually top of mind for most organizations. That’s why realizing the potential security and financial risks companies face by not properly destroying their data is detrimental to future success. The proper steps must be taken to prevent data Read More

If you’re looking to sell lto tapes and/or recycle your new/used LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5, and/or LTO-6 data tape media, you’ve come to the right spot. Each and every day of the week, we are asked why our tape buyback program is better than others out there in the marketplace. We’re also commonly asked why selling and recycling tape is beneficial. The following will answer both questions: 1. We offer top dollar. You can always be sure you’re getting Read More

Thank you for stopping by our booth at AFCOM Data Center World 2014 and entering our drawing for a 50″ SMART TV and a Google Nexus 7 tablet. We will be contacting the winners and posting their video here on our blog soon… Good Luck! Big Data Supply, Inc. purchases excess new and used data tape media and data center equipment for recycling. Data Tape Media | Tape Drives | Tape Libraries | Servers | Telecom | UPS | ETC! Read More

Happy 2014! At Big Data Supply, we are amazed that the New Year has arrived so quickly. As the year unfolds, we will bring you all sorts of interesting facts, ideas, and stories surrounding data tape media. To begin, we would like to share the importance of e-waste recycling. With only 3 percent of tape cartridges being recycled throughout the U.S., it is vital that organizations begin paying attention and taking action. By choosing to recycle in 2014, your organization Read More

Our team is often asked why selling tape media, data storage equipment, and other technologies is a good idea. It is actually quite simple… At Big Data Supply, we offer top dollar for new and used tape media, data storage equipment, peripherals, and other technologies. The next logical question for many of our prospective clients tends to simply be “why?” And our answer tends to be quite simple: 1. First and foremost, we offer top dollar and/or credit for new Read More

Looking to unload new and/or used LTO-4 tape? Big Data Supply, Inc. (that’s us) pays the highest dollar possible for new and used tape. Our streamlined buyback program assures each and every one of our customers that they are gaining the very best deal without compromising their data. We can either provide cash or credit that can be applied toward newer tape formats and other data storage products. We also buy other LTO formats, 3592, 8mm AIT / AME / Read More

Without a doubt, one of the biggest concerns of our customers is data erasure for their used/old tape. This is to be expected, as proprietary data should be guarded against all odds. This is why we as an organization have developed a winning solution. Our executive engineering partners spent more than five years investing in research and development for the best possible method of data eradication for LTO cartridges. The technique completely erases each LTO Ultrium tape, rather than re-writing Read More