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Many people are under the impression that we have moved past using tape storage and it seems more like an outdated solution. It goes without saying that losing crucial data can be more costly than implementing a robust data protection plan. In this digital era, people are more inclined towards using hard drives and cloud backup with large storage capacities. The newer generation might not have even heard about tape media drives & cartridge. But, this is not true! Organizations Read More

Wondering if tape is still a viable choice today’s modern data center? According to experts in the data storage industry, tape is expanding its role far beyond supporting active archives, compliance, and data preservation. The following are six reasons why LTO tape is growing in popularity: 1. High Multi-TB Capacity Tape continues to grow its capacity to new heights. For example, each LTO-6 tape offers a whopping 6.25 TB of storage space. This makes tape highly cost-efficient and the perfect Read More

George Crump of Information Week reports that tape isn’t dying off anytime soon — in fact, he predicts it will gain importance in data centers in the coming years. “Thanks to the increased importance of economics, as well as the popularization of three tape technologies, 2013 was a very successful year for tape technology,” says Crump. In our assessment he couldn’t be more correct. The economic factor comes down to the fact that storing massive amount so of data on Read More